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2019–2020 Membership Form

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Active Membership

Membership in the Suzuki Piano Teachers Guild is open to teachers engaged in teaching piano by the Suzuki Method.

Membership in the Suzuki Piano Teachers Guild is open to teachers who are: 1) teaching the Suzuki Piano Method; 2) active members of the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) which includes its affiliate, the International Suzuki Association (ISA). Membership in the Suzuki Association of Minnesota (SAM) is strongly encouraged.

Members are expected to study Suzuki pedagogy in SAA approved institutes, university long-term degree programs or individual apprenticeship programs and to register completed teacher-training units with the SAA according to their guidelines. Registration required.

Members are expected to support the Guild by:      

     1. Working at recitals

     2. Holding office

     3. Assisting with projects

     4. Recruiting new members

Membership provides voting privileges. During meetings, SPTG business is determined by a simple majority vote of members present. Proxy votes can be submitted to Board members prior to meetings if not attending.

Associate Membership

Honorary Membership

Category for all retired members.  Members receive newsletters and may attend meetings.

Lifetime Membership

Category for retired members who have served in SPTG Board positions.  Members receive newsletters and may attend meetings.

This membership option is available for one year to new teachers. It is also offered, without time limits, to interested others [parents, college students (while in school) and community members] who wish to become acquainted with the Suzuki Piano Method. Associate members may attend all meetings and special events, but are not eligible to vote, hold office or place students in recitals.